Solunar Table and Graph for Eden, SD (57232)

7 Day Overall Solunar Graph

Period occurs near
Sun Transit or
Sunset, making event more powerful

DayBest Overall Time
to Fish or Hunt
Minor Periods
Moon/Sun Details
Jul 11
Morning (5:30am - 7:30am)

Detail Day Graph

4:49am - 7:34am

5:50pm - 7:52pm
11:41pm - 12:41am

12:09pm - 1:13pm

59.7% Waning
Next New Moon 07/20/2020
Moonrise: 12:40am Moonset: 12:29pm
Overhead: 6:31am Underfoot: 6:51pm

Sunrise: 5:51am Sunset: 9:17pm
First Light: 5:14am Last Light: 9:54pm
Available Light: 16h 39m 50s
07/11/2020 CDT • Top ▲
Jul 12
Morning (5:30am - 8:00am)

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4:50am - 8:14am

6:30pm - 8:32pm
12:21am - 1:21am

12:49pm - 1:53pm

50% Waning
Next New Moon 07/20/2020
Moonrise: 1:01am Moonset: 1:32pm

Overhead: 7:11am Underfoot: 7:31pm

Sunrise: 5:52am Sunset: 9:17pm
First Light: 5:15am Last Light: 9:53pm
Available Light: 16h 38m 6s
07/12/2020 CDT • Top ▲
Jul 13
Morning (6:30am - 9:00am)

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6:49am - 8:55am

7:12pm - 10:17pm

1:02am - 2:02am

1:30pm - 2:34pm

40.3% Waning
Next New Moon 07/20/2020
Moonrise: 1:21am Moonset: 2:33pm

Overhead: 7:52am Underfoot: 8:13pm

Sunrise: 5:53am Sunset: 9:16pm
First Light: 5:16am Last Light: 9:53pm
Available Light: 16h 36m 17s
07/13/2020 CDT • Top ▲
Jul 14
Morning (7:00am - 9:30am)

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7:31am - 9:37am

7:54pm - 10:16pm

1:44am - 2:44am

2:12pm - 3:16pm

30.8% Waning
Next New Moon 07/20/2020
Moonrise: 1:42am Moonset: 3:37pm
Overhead: 8:34am Underfoot: 8:55pm

Sunrise: 5:54am Sunset: 9:15pm
First Light: 5:17am Last Light: 9:52pm
Available Light: 16h 34m 25s
07/14/2020 CDT • Top ▲
Jul 15
Dusk (8:00pm - 9:51pm)

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8:14am - 10:20am

8:15pm - 10:41pm

2:29am - 3:29am

2:57pm - 4:01pm

22% Waning
Next New Moon 07/20/2020
Moonrise: 2:05am Moonset: 4:40pm
Overhead: 9:17am Underfoot: 9:40pm

Sunrise: 5:55am Sunset: 9:15pm
First Light: 5:18am Last Light: 9:51pm
Available Light: 16h 32m 29s
07/15/2020 CDT • Top ▲
Jul 16
Morning (9:00am - 11:30am)

Detail Day Graph

9:01am - 11:07am

8:14pm - 11:31pm

3:17am - 4:17am

3:45pm - 4:49pm

14.1% Waning
Next New Moon 07/20/2020
Moonrise: 2:32am Moonset: 5:46pm
Overhead: 10:04am Underfoot: 10:30pm

Sunrise: 5:56am Sunset: 9:14pm
First Light: 5:19am Last Light: 9:50pm
Available Light: 16h 30m 29s
07/16/2020 CDT • Top ▲
Jul 17
Morning (9:30am - 12:30pm)

Detail Day Graph

9:37am - 11:43am

10:20pm - 12:22am
4:00am - 5:00am

4:28pm - 5:32pm

7.6% Waning
Next New Moon 07/20/2020
Moonrise: 3:06am Moonset: 6:50pm
Overhead: 10:40am Underfoot: 11:21pm

Sunrise: 5:57am Sunset: 9:13pm
First Light: 5:21am Last Light: 9:49pm
Available Light: 16h 28m 25s
07/17/2020 CDT • Top ▲

Latitude 45°36.59N Longitude -97°21.57W used for calculations of 59601 Zip Code
With other factors being favorable these are good times to be afield
• Sphere Top of Bar - Moon Overhead/Underfoot occurs within thirty five minutes of Sunrise, Sun Transit, or Sunset
---- Event does not occur on this day