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Current Location is Calipatria, CA (92233) - Imperial County - Elevation 41ft - Pacific Daylight Time

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Calipatria's Best Overall TimeOverhead/Underfoot PeriodsMinor PeriodsMoon/Sun Details
Afternoon (3:30pm - 5:30pm)
Success Forecast of Good
9:45pm - 11:51pm
9:26am - 11:28am
3:37am - 4:37am
4:05pm - 5:09pm
Moon 88.3% Illuminated and Waxing
Moonrise: 4:01pm Moonset: 4:59am
Overhead: 10:48pm Underfoot: 10:27am
Sunrise: 6:28am Sunset: 7:03pm
First Light: 6:03am Last Light: 7:28pm

USPrimetimes provides the Solunar Theory forecasted best times for Fishing and Hunting based on the theory of John Alden Knight and our own Advanced Prediction System. Our system takes into account other factors and combinations that also affect Fish & Wildlife activity just like the Professionals do. Our Biometric Pattern Matching even allows you to compare prior results to your current forecast.

Years were spent in the remotest parts of the U.S. enhancing and verifying it's usefulness so you can get the best Fishing and Hunting times for a more eventful field experience. Our Solunar Forecasts are free because we understand the combined importance of science based Fisheries and Wildlife Management, our Heritage, and future Conservation efforts. They also all depend on folks like you; the Keystone for Conservation. You all fund well over 80% of Wildlife and Wildland Conservation.

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