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Nov 18
Afternoon (11:30am - 1:30pm)

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4:21am - 6:27am

3:57pm - 6:48pm

11:03am - 12:07pm

10:35pm - 11:35pm

68% Waning
Next New Moon 11/26/2019
Moonrise: 10:44pm Moonset: 12:56pm

Overhead: 5:24am Underfoot: 5:47pm
Sunrise: 7:22am Sunset: 4:57pm
First Light: 6:51am Last Light: 5:28pm
Available Light: 10h 37m 19s
11/18/2019 CST
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On 01/23/2010 at 4:26pm MST • Around 4:00pm on 56173's Graph
Research Team during Dusk Period

Team reported short but Very Good activity.
faq Steen, MN's Dusk Forecast is -14% Lower compared to Observations near Zip Code 59699
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Period occurs near
Sun Transit or
Sunset, making event more powerful