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Reported Weather Conditions

This has been delayed due to regular inconsistent data and current time constraints.

Reported Weather Conditions will be brought back in the coming weeks with some more advanced user features in preparation for the Weather Prediction Score. Initially it will provide an additional graph and data for actual reported hourly Weather Conditions for the past two days as well as the current day. There will also be additional data added to the Three Hour Detail Forecast, what will be displayed is still to be determined.

Once we are satisfied these are working well, design adjustments based on the combined new data collected and its usefulness will be made and development started. Expect a multi-month test phase with beta users included in the latter stages. The Weather Prediction Score feature will then be added with predictions available for the current day through at least two or three days into the future. There will be a combined Solunar Forecast and Weather Prediction score which should provide a five to fifteen percent improvement in field success rates from the current Solunar Forecast alone, for some, much higher success rates. Accuracy of future days Weather Prediction Score will obviously be dependent on the forecast weather accuracy for those days.

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