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Sample JSON format Below:"datadate": "02/18/2016", "zip": "59018", "city": "Clyde Park", "state": "MT", "fullstate": "Montana", "overheadperiod": "9:34pm - 11:40pm", "underfootperiod": "9:10am - 11:12am", "sunrise": "7:19am", "sunset": "5:54pm", "moonrise": "3:11pm", "moonset": "5:13am", "moonillumperc": 93.4, "geninfo": "UPT-DRS215 ", "minor1period": "1:27pm - 2:31pm", "minor2period": "5:58am - 6:58am", "firstlight": "6:48am", "lastlight": "6:24pm", "moonoverhead": "10:37pm", "moonunderfoot": "10:11am", "besttime": "8:30am - 11:30am", "timezone": "MST", "latd": 45.9139, "lond": -110.6080

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Only HTTPS Secure requests are supported

Most Foreign, Hosting Provider, and Non-Fish & Wildlife Governmental WAN IP Addresses are denied access to USPrimetimes by default. Providing us with WAN IP addresses of hosts to be used for requesting data will avoid any delays with service. Data Service users are subject to USPrimetimes Full Terms of Use & Privacy Polices

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