Data Service Rates - U.S. Users

Free Data Plan - 1 Year Service
This option includes the stuff to get you started. You receive the requested Zip Code Location City, State, Overhead Period, Underfoot Period, Overhead and Underfoot Time, Minor Periods, First and Last Light,Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset, Current Time Zone, and Moon Illumination Percent for up to 20 requests per day. If you are making Latitude/Longitude requests from devices we can even map your Latitude/Longitude to the nearest Zip Code, or not, based on your request - this plan has been reduced due to high demand.

Sample JSON format Below:"datadate": "02/18/2016", "zip": "59018", "city": "Clyde Park", "state": "MT", "fullstate": "Montana", "overheadperiod": "9:34pm - 11:40pm", "underfootperiod": "9:10am - 11:12am", "sunrise": "7:19am", "sunset": "5:54pm", "moonrise": "3:11pm", "moonset": "5:13am", "moonillumperc": 93.4, "geninfo": "UPT-DRS215 ", "minor1period": "1:27pm - 2:31pm", "minor2period": "5:58am - 6:58am", "firstlight": "6:48am", "lastlight": "6:24pm", "moonoverhead": "10:37pm", "moonunderfoot": "10:11am", "besttime": "8:30am - 11:30am", "timezone": "MST", "latd": 45.9139, "lond": -110.6080

Free Data Plan (20 Requests per day*) - Free

Fish & Wildlife Professional Plan - Contact us

Enterprise Data Plan - 2 Year Service
This option includes all the details of the Free Data Plan plus more data and flexibility. Plus you get the Day Detail Graph variables so you can create your own Day Detail Graph and can request more data not shown here with up to ten hours of free programming for customization and up to unlimited requests per day. Some additional data includes any combination of: Next Full or New Moon, Variable Start Dates, Variable Number of Days returned, Moon Phase filename, Morning, Afternoon and Dusk Score Values, Available Light, Data to Create Day Detail Graph, Sun Event Near indicators, ease of use items such as Dayname, as well as any other related data we haven't thought of.

Enterprise Data Plan (5000 Requests per day*) - $1199.99
Enterprise Plan with Data Center Server (Unlimited Requests per day) - $3199.99

* = Successful Requests per day with 30% overage allowance

= Within free programming time - additional normal complexity billable time at sixty per hour/complex programming one twenty per hour. Any additional Billable time costs to be determined and approved before work begins.

= Customer accessible - Requires up to three week setup time - SSH/Linux based OS. Cost excludes hosting fees if any.

Only HTTPS Secure requests are supported

Non-Fish and Wildlife professional custom plans start at 1500 requests per day at $499 per year.

Most Foreign, Hosting Provider, and Non-Fish & Wildlife Governmental WAN IP Addresses are denied access to USPrimetimes by default. Providing us with WAN IP addresses of hosts to be used for requesting data will avoid any delays with service. Data Service users are subject to USPrimetimes Full Terms of Use & Privacy Polices

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