What's New as of Thursday June 1st

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Color Changer Fix

The Color Changer had an issue with triggering an error after a few Saves because the system thought it was an exploit attempt. This has been fixed.

Thank you for reporting it Max!


USPrimetimes experienced a storm related outage from 8pm to 11:45pm MST tonight. All services have been fully restored.

Start Time Issue Corrected

There was a rare issue reported by Scott W. which showed the Best Time having a later Start time then Ending time, this has been corrected.

Thanks Scott!

Moonrise and Moonset not showing DST

Moonrise and Moonset times were showing Daylight Standard Time instead of Daylight Savings time. This has been corrected.

Thank you Donald!

Weather Forecast Fixed

Weather Forecast issues have been fixed including the 3 Hour Detail and the General Forecast.

All were related to an unexpected API switch from http to https.

Report Results 2017 Fixed

Report Your Results showing 2017 was in the future bug has been fixed.

Thank you Steve!

Weather Fix

There was a bug that sometimes caused the Get Additional Weather Information button not to work. This has been corrected.

The 3 Hour Weather Overlay clickable fields such Wind Gst, have been adjusted for more consistent selection.

Tides Enabled

Tides have been enabled again after a NOAA API change that I missed. It appears that the API update may allow for more forecast days than the previous limit of two. I will be reviewing their acceptable use policy and make additional changes if this is in fact now allowed.

Decision Engine Day Bug

The Decision Engine was sometimes assigning a Day an invalid value when computing a Moon Transit causing no results to be returned. On top of that it was an unneeded assignment in the first place and has been corrected.

Field Results Dusk Bug

A Field Results bug was discovered related to the Time Reference for Dusk Periods when the result Reported was very near or past the end of the Current Zip Codes Dusk period. This mostly occurred when substantial differences in the length of available light was present between the two. It has been corrected.

Some Incorrect Timezones - Oregon

Some Zip Code Locations in Oregon had Mountain Standard instead of the correct Pacific Standard for their Timezone; they have been corrected. Malheur County are the only Zip Codes in Oregon that should be MST.

Thanks Danny!

Power Issues

Today at 2:43am MST USPrimetimes lost power, at 3:22am we shutdown the systems due to the expected delay in repairs. Power was restored at 4:31am and our systems were restarted followed by another short power failure at 5:12am.

Then between 3:10pm and 3:21pm there were four more power failures with the mains being restored at 4:17pm. At some point during this sequence our network equipment become confused and lost their connections.

A detailed review of why this occurred is underway to avoid this downtime in the future and to test any damaged equipment and backup power sources. In the meantime I will be moving our network equipment to a different backup power system which will cause a five minute outage at 11pm MST Friday night - our least active time.

County Database Repaired

Our County database was producing some extra or invalid selections when using Select Location from List and has been repaired

Sun Transit Event Near

It was discovered this morning that the Sun Transit Event Near flag has not been set for more than a year by the decision engine. While not affecting ratings the icon was not shown on the forecasts nor set for Data Service users requesting this data item.

New Location-Date requests will reflect this update while already computed Locations will notice this update early Friday morning.

Weather and 3 Hour Pointers

The Weather and 3 Hour pages have been updated to correct intermittent Day link pointer offsets.

Weather Get More Bug Fixed

The desktop Weather Get More Forecast Information not always working has been corrected.

Mobile Updates

The Mobile site has had some controller fixes as well as the addition of selecting Locations with a Google Map

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