Solunar Table with Peak Activity Times for Renner, SD (57055)

Period occurs near
Sun Transit or
Sunset, making event more powerful

DayBest Overall Time
to Fish or Hunt
Minor Periods
Moon/Sun Details
Feb 15
Morning (7:30am - 10:00am)

Detail Day Graph
8:07pm - 10:13pm

7:59am - 10:01am
2:05am - 3:05am

2:33pm - 3:37pm

77.5% Waxing
Next Full Moon 02/19/2019
Moonrise: 1:32pm
 Moonset: 4:01am
Overhead: 9:10pm Underfoot: 9:00am

Sunrise: 7:25am Sunset: 5:56pm
First Light: 6:56am Last Light: 6:26pm
Available Light: 11h 30m 8s
02/15/2019 CST • Top ▲
Feb 16
Afternoon (1:30pm - 5:00pm)

Detail Day Graph

9:14pm - 11:20pm

8:59am - 11:01am
3:08am - 4:08am

3:36pm - 4:40pm

83.7% Waxing
Next Full Moon 02/19/2019
Moonrise: 2:33pm Moonset: 5:05am
Overhead: 10:17pm Underfoot: 10:00am

Sunrise: 7:24am Sunset: 5:58pm
First Light: 6:54am Last Light: 6:27pm
Available Light: 11h 32m 49s
02/16/2019 CST • Top ▲
Feb 17
Afternoon (4:00pm - 6:29pm)

Detail Day Graph
10:19pm - 12:25am

9:59am - 12:01pm
4:10am - 5:10am

4:38pm - 5:42pm

91.4% Waxing
Next Full Moon 02/19/2019
Moonrise: 3:43pm Moonset: 6:02am
Overhead: 11:22pm Underfoot: 11:00am

Sunrise: 7:22am Sunset: 5:59pm
First Light: 6:53am Last Light: 6:29pm
Available Light: 11h 35m 31s
02/17/2019 CST • Top ▲
Feb 18
Dusk (5:00pm - 6:30pm)
Very Good

Detail Day Graph


10:52am - 12:54pm

5:07am - 6:07am

5:29pm - 6:39pm

97% Waxing
Next Full Moon 02/19/2019
Moonrise: 4:59pm Moonset: 6:53am

Overhead: ---- Underfoot: 11:53am

Sunrise: 7:21am Sunset: 6:00pm
First Light: 6:52am Last Light: 6:30pm
Available Light: 11h 38m 14s
02/18/2019 CST • Top ▲
Feb 19
Morning (6:50am - 8:00am)
Very Good All Day

Detail Day Graph

11:20pm - 1:26am

11:52am - 1:54pm

6:06am - 7:10am

5:33pm - 6:38pm

99.9% Waxing
Full Moon Today
Moonrise: 6:17pm
 Moonset: 7:36am

Overhead: 12:23am Underfoot: 12:53pm

Sunrise: 7:19am Sunset: 6:02pm
First Light: 6:50am Last Light: 6:31pm
Available Light: 11h 40m 58s
02/19/2019 CST • Top ▲
Feb 20
Morning (6:49am - 8:30am)
Very Good

Detail Day Graph

12:18am - 2:24am

12:49pm - 2:51pm

6:47am - 8:07am

6:35pm - 7:35pm

98% Waning
Next New Moon 03/06/2019
Moonrise: 7:36pm Moonset: 8:13am

Overhead: 1:21am Underfoot: 1:50pm

Sunrise: 7:18am Sunset: 6:03pm
First Light: 6:49am Last Light: 6:32pm
Available Light: 11h 43m 43s
02/20/2019 CST • Top ▲
Feb 21
Morning (7:30am - 9:30am)
Very Good

Detail Day Graph
1:14am - 3:20am

1:43pm - 3:45pm
7:58am - 9:02am

7:30pm - 8:30pm

92.9% Waning
Next New Moon 03/06/2019
Moonrise: 8:51pm Moonset: 8:46am
Overhead: 2:17am Underfoot: 2:44pm

Sunrise: 7:16am Sunset: 6:04pm
First Light: 6:47am Last Light: 6:34pm
Available Light: 11h 46m 29s
02/21/2019 CST • Top ▲
Feb 22
Morning (8:00am - 10:30am)

Detail Day Graph
2:07am - 4:13am

2:35pm - 4:37pm
8:51am - 9:55am

8:23pm - 9:23pm

85.5% Waning
Next New Moon 03/06/2019
Moonrise: 10:05pm Moonset: 9:17am
Overhead: 3:10am Underfoot: 3:36pm

Sunrise: 7:15am Sunset: 6:06pm
First Light: 6:46am Last Light: 6:35pm
Available Light: 11h 49m 16s
02/22/2019 CST • Top ▲
Feb 23
Morning (8:30am - 11:00am)

Detail Day Graph
2:58am - 5:04am

3:26pm - 5:28pm
9:42am - 10:46am

9:14pm - 10:14pm

76.3% Waning
Next New Moon 03/06/2019
Moonrise: 11:17pm Moonset: 9:47am
Overhead: 4:01am Underfoot: 4:27pm

Sunrise: 7:13am Sunset: 6:07pm
First Light: 6:44am Last Light: 6:36pm
Available Light: 11h 52m 5s
02/23/2019 CST • Top ▲
Feb 24
Dusk (4:30pm - 6:37pm)

Detail Day Graph
3:49am - 5:55am

4:15pm - 7:09pm

10:32am - 11:36am

10:04pm - 11:04pm

66% Waning
Next New Moon 03/06/2019
Moonrise: ---- Moonset: 10:17am
Overhead: 4:52am Underfoot: 5:16pm

Sunrise: 7:11am Sunset: 6:08pm
First Light: 6:43am Last Light: 6:37pm
Available Light: 11h 54m 54s
02/24/2019 CST • Top ▲
Feb 25
Dusk (5:00pm - 6:39pm)

Detail Day Graph

4:38am - 8:13am

5:05pm - 7:11pm

11:21am - 12:25pm

10:53pm - 11:53pm

55.4% Waning
Next New Moon 03/06/2019
Moonrise: 12:25am Moonset: 10:50am
Overhead: 5:41am Underfoot: 6:06pm

Sunrise: 7:10am Sunset: 6:10pm
First Light: 6:41am Last Light: 6:39pm
Available Light: 11h 57m 44s
02/25/2019 CST • Top ▲
Feb 26
Morning (6:39am - 7:30am)

Detail Day Graph

5:28am - 8:11am

5:11pm - 7:57pm

11:43pm - 12:43am

12:11pm - 1:15pm

44.8% Waning
Next New Moon 03/06/2019
Moonrise: 1:31am Moonset: 11:26am
Overhead: 6:31am Underfoot: 6:56pm

Sunrise: 7:08am Sunset: 6:11pm
First Light: 6:39am Last Light: 6:40pm
Available Light: 12h 0m 35s
02/26/2019 CST • Top ▲
Feb 27
Morning (6:38am - 8:30am)

Detail Day Graph
6:05am - 8:33am

6:48pm - 8:50pm
12:39am - 1:39am

1:07pm - 2:11pm

34.8% Waning
Next New Moon 03/06/2019
Moonrise: 2:32am Moonset: 12:06pm

Overhead: 7:30am Underfoot: 7:49pm

Sunrise: 7:07am Sunset: 6:12pm
First Light: 6:38am Last Light: 6:41pm
Available Light: 12h 3m 26s
02/27/2019 CST • Top ▲
Feb 28
Morning (6:36am - 9:00am)

Detail Day Graph
6:03am - 9:03am

7:26pm - 9:28pm
1:14am - 2:14am

1:42pm - 2:46pm

32.8% Waning
Next New Moon 03/06/2019
Moonrise: 3:30am Moonset: 12:50pm

Overhead: 8:00am Underfoot: 8:27pm

Sunrise: 7:05am Sunset: 6:14pm
First Light: 6:36am Last Light: 6:42pm
Available Light: 12h 6m 19s
02/28/2019 CST • Top ▲
Mar 01
Morning (7:30am - 10:00am)

Detail Day Graph
7:57am - 10:03am

8:20pm - 10:22pm
2:10am - 3:10am

2:38pm - 3:42pm

24.1% Waning
Next New Moon 03/06/2019
Moonrise: 4:20am Moonset: 1:40pm
Overhead: 9:00am Underfoot: 9:21pm

Sunrise: 7:03am Sunset: 6:15pm
First Light: 6:35am Last Light: 6:44pm
Available Light: 12h 9m 12s
03/01/2019 CST • Top ▲
Mar 02
Morning (8:30am - 11:30am)

Detail Day Graph
8:57am - 11:03am

9:12pm - 11:14pm
3:06am - 4:06am

3:34pm - 4:38pm

16.5% Waning
Next New Moon 03/06/2019
Moonrise: 5:06am Moonset: 2:33pm
Overhead: 10:00am Underfoot: 10:13pm

Sunrise: 7:02am Sunset: 6:16pm
First Light: 6:33am Last Light: 6:45pm
Available Light: 12h 12m 6s
03/02/2019 CST • Top ▲
Mar 03
Morning (9:30am - 12:30pm)

Detail Day Graph

9:33am - 11:39am

9:58pm - 12:00am
3:48am - 4:48am

4:16pm - 5:20pm

5.5% Waning
Next New Moon 03/06/2019
Moonrise: 5:46am Moonset: 3:30pm
Overhead: 10:36am Underfoot: 10:59pm

Sunrise: 7:00am Sunset: 6:17pm
First Light: 6:31am Last Light: 6:46pm
Available Light: 12h 15m 1s
03/03/2019 CST • Top ▲
Mar 04
Morning (10:30am - 1:00pm)

Detail Day Graph
10:19am - 12:25pm

10:43pm - 12:45am
4:32am - 5:32am

5:00pm - 6:04pm

2% Waning
Next New Moon 03/06/2019
Moonrise: 6:20am
 Moonset: 4:28pm
Overhead: 11:22am Underfoot: 11:44pm

Sunrise: 6:58am Sunset: 6:19pm
First Light: 6:30am Last Light: 6:47pm
Available Light: 12h 17m 56s
03/04/2019 CST • Top ▲
Mar 05
Afternoon (4:30pm - 6:49pm)
Very Good All Day

Detail Day Graph

11:03am - 1:09pm

5:22am - 6:26am

4:54pm - 5:54pm

0.3% Waning
Next New Moon 03/06/2019
Moonrise: 6:50am
 Moonset: 5:28pm

Overhead: 12:06pm Underfoot: ----

Sunrise: 6:57am Sunset: 6:20pm
First Light: 6:28am Last Light: 6:49pm
Available Light: 12h 20m 52s
03/05/2019 CST • Top ▲
Mar 06
Dusk (5:00pm - 6:50pm)
Very Good All Day

Detail Day Graph
11:47am - 1:53pm

11:27pm - 1:29am
6:06am - 7:27am

5:38pm - 6:51pm

0.3% Waning
New Moon Today
Moonrise: 7:18am
 Moonset: 6:28pm

Overhead: 12:50pm Underfoot: 12:28am

Sunrise: 6:55am Sunset: 6:21pm
First Light: 6:26am Last Light: 6:50pm
Available Light: 12h 23m 48s
03/06/2019 CST • Top ▲
Mar 07
Dusk (6:00pm - 6:51pm)
Very Good All Day

Detail Day Graph
12:10am - 2:12am

12:29pm - 2:35pm

6:22am - 7:53am

5:54pm - 7:21pm

0.5% Waxing
Next Full Moon 03/20/2019
Moonrise: 7:43am
 Moonset: 7:29pm
Overhead: 1:32pm Underfoot: 1:11am

Sunrise: 6:53am Sunset: 6:23pm
First Light: 6:24am Last Light: 6:51pm
Available Light: 12h 26m 46s
03/07/2019 CST • Top ▲
Mar 08
Morning (7:00am - 9:00am)
Very Good

Detail Day Graph
12:52am - 2:54am

1:11pm - 3:17pm
7:31am - 8:35am

7:03pm - 8:03pm

2.6% Waxing
Next Full Moon 03/20/2019
Moonrise: 8:08am Moonset: 8:29pm
Overhead: 2:14pm Underfoot: 1:53am

Sunrise: 6:51am Sunset: 6:24pm
First Light: 6:23am Last Light: 6:52pm
Available Light: 12h 29m 43s
03/08/2019 CST • Top ▲
Mar 09
Morning (7:30am - 9:30am)

Detail Day Graph

1:35am - 3:37am

1:54pm - 4:00pm
8:14am - 9:18am

7:46pm - 8:46pm

6.7% Waxing
Next Full Moon 03/20/2019
Moonrise: 8:32am Moonset: 9:31pm
Overhead: 2:57pm Underfoot: 2:36am

Sunrise: 6:50am Sunset: 6:25pm
First Light: 6:21am Last Light: 6:54pm
Available Light: 12h 32m 42s
03/09/2019 CST • Top ▲
Mar 10
Afternoon (3:00pm - 6:00pm)

Detail Day Graph

3:18am - 5:20am

3:39pm - 5:45pm
9:59am - 11:03am

9:31pm - 10:31pm

12.3% Waxing
Next Full Moon 03/20/2019
Moonrise: 9:58am Moonset: 11:34pm
Overhead: 4:42pm Underfoot: 4:19am

Sunrise: 7:48am Sunset: 7:26pm
First Light: 7:19am Last Light: 7:55pm
Available Light: 12h 35m 40s
03/10/2019 CDT • Top ▲
Mar 11
Afternoon (4:30pm - 7:00pm)

Detail Day Graph

4:04am - 6:06am

4:25pm - 6:31pm
10:45am - 11:49am

10:17pm - 11:17pm

20.2% Waxing
Next Full Moon 03/20/2019
Moonrise: 10:27am Moonset: ----
Overhead: 5:28pm Underfoot: 5:05am

Sunrise: 7:46am Sunset: 7:28pm
First Light: 7:18am Last Light: 7:56pm
Available Light: 12h 38m 40s
03/11/2019 CDT • Top ▲
Mar 12
Afternoon (5:30pm - 7:57pm)

Detail Day Graph

4:52am - 6:54am

5:15pm - 8:32pm

11:33am - 12:37pm

11:05pm - 12:05am

29.3% Waxing
Next Full Moon 03/20/2019
Moonrise: 10:59am Moonset: 12:38am
Overhead: 6:18pm Underfoot: 5:53am

Sunrise: 7:44am Sunset: 7:29pm
First Light: 7:16am Last Light: 7:57pm
Available Light: 12h 41m 39s
03/12/2019 CDT • Top ▲
Mar 13
Dusk (6:00pm - 7:59pm)

Detail Day Graph
5:42am - 8:44am

6:07pm - 8:33pm

11:57pm - 12:57am

12:25pm - 1:29pm

39.6% Waxing
Next Full Moon 03/20/2019
Moonrise: 11:37am Moonset: 1:44am
Overhead: 7:10pm Underfoot: 6:43am

Sunrise: 7:43am Sunset: 7:30pm
First Light: 7:14am Last Light: 7:59pm
Available Light: 12h 44m 39s
03/13/2019 CDT • Top ▲
Mar 14
Dusk (6:30pm - 8:00pm)

Detail Day Graph

6:29am - 8:42am

6:29pm - 9:03pm

12:45am - 1:45am

1:13pm - 2:17pm

50.7% Waxing
Next Full Moon 03/20/2019
Moonrise: 12:22pm Moonset: 2:49am
Overhead: 8:00pm Underfoot: 7:30am

Sunrise: 7:41am Sunset: 7:31pm
First Light: 7:12am Last Light: 8:00pm
Available Light: 12h 47m 40s
03/14/2019 CDT • Top ▲
Mar 15
Morning (7:30am - 9:30am)

Detail Day Graph

6:39am - 9:31am

6:30pm - 9:57pm

1:42am - 2:42am

2:10pm - 3:14pm

58.6% Waxing
Next Full Moon 03/20/2019
Moonrise: 1:17pm
 Moonset: 3:52am
Overhead: 8:54pm Underfoot: 8:30am

Sunrise: 7:39am Sunset: 7:33pm
First Light: 7:10am Last Light: 8:01pm
Available Light: 12h 50m 41s
03/15/2019 CDT • Top ▲
Mar 16
Afternoon (1:30pm - 4:00pm)

Detail Day Graph
8:47pm - 10:53pm

8:29am - 10:31am
2:40am - 3:40am

3:08pm - 4:12pm

69.5% Waxing
Next Full Moon 03/20/2019
Moonrise: 2:20pm
 Moonset: 4:50am
Overhead: 9:50pm Underfoot: 9:30am

Sunrise: 7:37am Sunset: 7:34pm
First Light: 7:09am Last Light: 8:02pm
Available Light: 12h 53m 42s
03/16/2019 CDT • Top ▲

Latitude 43°40.1N Longitude -96°44.28W used for calculations of 57055 Zip Code
With other factors being favorable these are good times to be afield
---- Event does not occur on this day.