Alabama Fish and Wildlife Game Species

Big Game
Alligator Feral Hogs White-Tailed Deer
Small Game
Blackbirds Crows Groundhog Nutria Squirrel Starlings
Bobwhite Quail Brant Geese Canada Geese Common Moorhens Coot Dark Geese Duck Light Geese Merganser Purple Gallinule Rail Snipe Teal Turkey White-Fronted Geese White-Winged Dove Woodcock
Beaver Bobcat Coyote Fox Opossum Otter
Fresh Water Fish
Alabama Bass Alabama Shad Anchovy Black Crappie Bluegill Bowfin Carp Catfish Cavefish Chain Darters Drum Flier Freshwater Eel Gar Gizzard Shad Grass Pickerel Gulf Menhaden Lampreys Lefteye Flounder Livebearers Longear Madtom Catfish Minnows Mooneye Mullet Needlefish Paddlefish Pirate Perch Pygmy Sunfish Rainbow Trout Redbreast Redear Redfin Rock Bass Saltwater Striped Bass Sauger (jack) Sculpin Shadow Bass Shoal Bass Silverside Skipjack Herring Smallmouth Bass Sole Spotted Bass Sturgeon Sucker Threadfin Shad Topminnow Walleye Warmouth White Bass White Crappie Yellow Bass Yellow Perch.
Salt Water Fish
Albacore Tuna Banded Rudderfish Bigeye Tuna Black Snapper Blackfin Tuna Blue Marlin Bluefin Tuna Bonnethead Shark Cobia Florida Pompano Flounder Gag Grouper Gray Snapper Gray Triggerfish Gray Triggerfish Great Hammerhead Shark Greater Amberjack Harpnose Shark Hogfish King Mackerel Lane Snapper Lesser Amberjack Mangrove Snapper Other Shark Species Red Grouper Red Snapper Sailfish Scalloped Hammerhead Shark Scamp Scamp Grouper Sheepshead Sheepshead Skipjack Tuna Smooth Hammerhead Shark Snowy Grouper Spanish Mackerel Speckled Grouper Spiny Lobster Spotted Seatrout Striped Bass Swordfish Tarpoon Tripletail (blackfish) Vermilion Snapper Warsaw Grouper White Marlin Yellowedge Grouper Yellowfin Grouper Yellowfin Tuna Yellowmouth Grouper

Check All Applicable Alabama State Regulations before heading out
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