Arizona Fish and Wildlife Game Species

Big Game
Antelope Bighorn Sheep Black Bear Buffalo Elk Javelina Mountain Lion Mule Deer White-Tailed Deer
Small Game
Cottontail Rabbit Crow English Sparrow European Gunnison Prairie Dog Jackrabbit Sparrow Tree Squirrel
American Wigeon Band-Tailed Pigeon Blue Grouse Blue-Winged Teal Bufflehead Canada Geese Canvasback Chukar Cinnamon Teal Common Merganse Dove Gadwall Greater/Lesser Scaup Green-Winged Teal Mallard Northern Pintailnorthern Pintail Northern Shovler Pheasant Quail Redhead Ring-Necked Duck Ruddy Duck Sandhill Crane Turkey
Badger Beaver Bobcat Coatimundi Coyote Foxes Muskrat Otter Raccoon Ringtail Skunks Weasel
Fresh Water Fish
Arctic Grayling Bigmouth Buffalo Black Bullhead Black Crappie Bluegill Brook Trout Brown Trout Channel Catfish Cutthroat Trout Desert Sucker Flathead Catfish Gila Trout Green Sunfish Largemouth Bass Northern Pike Rainbow Trout Redear Sunfish Roundtail Chub Smallmouth Bass Striped Bass Tilapia Walleye White Bass White Crappie Yellow Bass Yellow Bullhead Yellow Perch

Check All Applicable Arizona State Regulations before heading out
Species may be missing, changed, or require additional Licensing and Permits - Check Official page links

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