Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Game Species

Big Game
Bear Deer Elk Red Deer Turkey
Small Game
Armadillo Bobcat Bullfrog Canada Goose Coyote Dove Fox Fox Squirrel Gray Squirrel Groundhog Grouse Mink Muskrat Opossum Quail Rabbit Raccoon Red Squirrel River Otter Spotted Skunk Striped Skunk Teal Weasel Wilson Snipe Wood Duck Woodcock
American Coot Black Duck Canvasbacks Duck Gallinules Geese Mallard Duck Mergansers Moorhens Pintails Duck Redheads Duck Sandhill Crane Scaup Duck Teal Duck Wilson Snipe
Beaver Coyote Fox Mink Muskrat Opossum Raccoon River Otter Skunk Weasel
Fresh Water Fish
American Eel Atlantic Needlefish Black Bullhead Catfish Blue Catfish Bluegill Bowfin Brook Silverside Brook Trout Brown Bullhead Catfish Brown Trout Buffalo Carp Carpsuckers Chain Pickerel Channel Catfish Cherokee Bass Chestnut Lamprey Crayfish Flathead Catfish Flier Freshwater Drum Gar Golden Shiner Goldfish Green Sunfish Herring Lake Trout Largemouth Bass Longear Sunfish Mooneye Muskellunge Orangespotted Sunfish Paddlefish Pumpkinbseed Rainbow Trout Redbreast Sunfish Redear Sunfish Redeye Bass Redhorses Rock Bass Sauger Snakehead Spotted Bass Stoneroller Striped Bass Striped Mullet Sturgeon Walleye Warmmouth White Bass White Crappie Yellow Bass Yellow Bullhead Catfish Yellow Perch

Check All Applicable Tennessee State Regulations before heading out
Species may be missing, changed, or require additional Licensing and Permits - Check Official page links

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