Report Results for Amherst, New Hampshire (Hillsborough County - 03031)

Date of Event:

Time of Event:

While in the Field at above time I/We:

Observed many fish or animals

Caught or took some

Caught or took a big one or many

Noted Stable/Average Weather

Were Less than More than 400yrds from Road

Observed other sportsmen in area

Observed a Spawn or Migration

Leave a Comment (ie "20lb Rainbow","Got a Guppy", "Saw some Deer"):

Please enter the Date and Time when you were out in the field. Date and Time should be as accurate as possible. Time should be within a hour of any good (or bad) activity or event. These entries are then imported into the biometric pattern database and compared against the same time period hourly ratings of current forecasts for a match.

Check the boxes next to the statement if the statement is True.

Leave the check box Unchecked if the statement is False.

Leave a comment with information you think may be important such as: "Landed a 20lb Rainbow" or "Caught a Guppy"

They seem like simple questions but when combined with other data can help increase success rates.

Thanks for helping out!
So far there are about 84.73% of the total useful entries for this tool to be regularly helpful (Number can vary upon review)

Mark sneaking up on a Trout
Mark close to a nice Rainbow - Beaver Creek, Montana

Because of the many complex variations of the Sun, Moon, and Weather. It is important to participate, even when unsuccessful.