How to See Better Times of the Month

One way to determine better times of the month is to look for a straight line between days on the 30 Day Forecast Graph page with 'Show Day Sections' or the 7 Day Forecast Graph page with 'Show More' enabled. Straight lines over a 3 or more day period indicate more consistent conditions. A line moving up is obviously better than one moving down.

An example of this (left) with the Brown Arrows showing a period where the Mornings should be consistent and productive. (ie. Dec 19th through Dec 21st)

In months where this does not occur look for days with all the lines somewhat close together over a multi-day period. This can also indicate the better part of the month and normally means the Moon is up throughout the day.

The best way to find better times is to look for a line going over or through the numbers at the top of the bars, it will indicate a good Moonrise/Moonset or Overhead/Underfoot time. Times around a Moonrise/Moonset (+/- 2hrs) can be great for Deer movement (Dec 18th).

A Sphere at the Top of a Bar indicates a Moon Overhead or Moon Underfoot occurring within thirty five minutes of a Sunrise, Sun Transit, or Sunset on that day. These can be productive times even with lower Overall Influence Forecasts, with a Morning Overhead near Sunrise being the preferred.

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