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Current Location is Alcolu, SC (29001) - Clarendon County South Carolina - Elevation 91ft

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Researched & Made in Arizona and Montana - Field Proven by over a Million
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Ashdown, AR

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Big Game
Bear Deer Turkey
Small Game
Alligator Coyote Doves Wild Hog
Blue & Snow Geese Brant Canada Geese Common Moorhens Common Snipe Coots Crows Ducks Marsh Hens Mergansers Mourning Dove Pheasant Purple Gallinules Quail Rails Sea Ducks Woodcock
Beaver Bobcat Coyote Gray Fox Mink Muskrat Opossum Otter Raccoon Red Fox Spotted Skunk Striped Skunk Weasel
Fresh Water Fish
American Shad Atlantic Sturgeon Black Crappie Blue Catfish Blueback Herring Bluegill Bowfin Brook Trout Brown Trout Chain Pickerel Channel Catfish Common Carp Flathead Catfish Flier Gizzard Shad Grass Carp Green Sunfish Hickory Shad Hybrid Bass Largemouth Bass Longnose Gar Pumpkinseed Rainbow Trout Redbreast Sunfish Redear Sunfish Redeye Bass Redfin Pickerel Shortnose Sturgeon Smallmouth Bass Spotted Bass Spotted Sunfish Striped Bass Threadfin Shad Walleye Warmouth White Bass White Crappie White Perch Yellow Bullhead Yellow Perch
Salt Water Fish
American Eel American Shad Atlantic Bonito Atlantic Croaker Atlantic Shark Atlantic Spadefish Atlantic Sturgeon Black Drum Black Sea Bass Blackfin Tuna Blacktip Shark Blue Marlin Blueback Herring Bluefin Tuna Bluefish Clearnose Skate Cobias Crevalle Jack Dolphin Florida Pompano Gag Gray Snapper Gray Triggerfish Great Barracuda Greater Amberjack Hammerhead Shark Hogfish Inshore Lizardfish King Mackerel Knobbed Porgy Ladyfish Tarpon Little Tunny Northern Puffer Pigfish Pinfish Red Drum Red Porgy Red Snapper Rock Sea Bass Sailfish Scalloped Hammerhead Shark Scamp Scup Sharpnose Shark Sheepshead Silk Snapper Silver Perch Skipjack Tuna Smooth Dogfish Shark Southern Flounder Southern Kingfish Spanish Mackerel Speckled Hind Spot Spotted Seatrout Stingray Striped Bass Swordfish Tarpon Tiger Shark Tilefish Toadfish Oyster Tripletail Vermilion Snapper Wahoo Warsaw Grouper Weakfish White Grunt White Marlin White Perch Yellowfin Tuna
Check All Applicable South Carolina State Regulations before heading out
Species may be missing, changed, or require additional Licensing and Permits - Check Official page links